Pogo Stool

Pogo Stool
Pogo Stool (Flexi Green)
Pogo Stool (Flexi Orange)
Pogo Stool (Flexi Red)
Pogo Stool (Flexi Nautical)
Pogo Stool (Flexi Alloy)
Pogo Stool (Flexi Brown)
Pogo Stool (Flexi Beige)
Pogo Stool (Flexi Anthracite)
Pogo Stools (Flexi Orange) | Geo Table
Pogo Stools (Flexi Nautical/Flexi Orange) | Geo Table
Pogo Stool (Sport Turquoise)


Pogo may appear to be simply a novel pop of color. But once you experience it, you realize this eye-catching design will quickly become the office favorite. The 3-sided seat allows for comfort no matter what side you sit on. The pneumatic mechanism provides smooth height adjustment for all leg lengths. The weighted, rounded base provides motion and stability that makes the Pogo a favorite side chair or collaboration stool.




  • Standard Fabric Upgrade
  • COM


  • SEAT: Standard Black Fabric
  • TEXTILES: Grades 1, 2 and 3
  • BASE: Black
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